Coed Varsity Swimming · DRHS Swim and Dive Wins Big against Mountain Pointe

The 2018 DRHS Swim and Dive Team held its first home meet of the season on Thursday, September 20th.  Both teams won by significant margins.  Boys 107 – 76, Girls 143 – 43.  The boys took 1st (L. Walker, Tankersley, Smith, Craig) and 3rd (Elkins, Edwards, J. Walker, Ray) in the 200 medley relays.  Nolan Craig and Tanner Elkins went first and second in the 200 free.  Essias Smith dropped 7.20 seconds in his 200 IM and took first.  Luke Walker took 1st in the 50 free, followed by Porter Ray in 3rd, whose time qualified him for his second varsity cut.  Congratulations Porter!  The boys then swept the 100 fly with Tanner Elkins in 1st, Ben Edwards 2nd, and John Walker 3rd.   Essias Smith then took 1st in the 100 free.  Nolan Craig took 2nd and Garrett Merrill 3rd in the 500 free.  The boys 200 free relays (Tankersley, Elkins, Smith, L. Walker) took 1st and 3rd (Peterson, Gomez, Kuehn, Thomas).  Luke Walker won his 100 backstroke, and John Walker took 3rd.  Cameron Tankersley took a close 2nd, and Ben Edwards took 3rd, and made his first varsity cut, in the 100 breaststroke.   The boys then took 2nd (Ray, Edwards, Keller, Craig) and 3rd (J. Walker, Keuhn, Thomas, G. Merrill) in the 400 free relay.

The girls started off with a 1st (Harr, Patters, Dayton, S. Grant) and 2nd (Mask, Reidhead, K. Grant, K. Mabb) in the 200 medley relay.  Olivia Dayton took (1st), Annika Hoglund (2nd) and Carolynn Walker (3rd) sweeping the 200 free.  Kailee Patters took 1st place in her 200 IM, followed by Hailey Mask in 3rd.  Shaylin Grant took 1st place in the 50 free followed by Kaeli Mabb in 2nd.  Olivia Dayton (1st), Kylie Grant (2nd) and McKenna Craig (3rd) came on next and swept the 100 fly, who were then followed up by Karina Harr (1st), Carolynn Walker (2nd), and Anissa Baca (3rd) for another sweep in the 100 freestyle.  Alexandra O’Brien took 1st in the 500 free, followed up by Halee Merrill (3rd).  The girls 200 free relays took 1st (Nicholson, K. Mabb, C. Walker, S. Grant) and 3rd (Baca, Landrey, Mask, Kinnaird).  It was another 1st for Karina Harr and 2nd for Hailey Mask in the 100 backstroke, followed up by another sweep in the 100 breast by Kailee Patters (1st), Shaylin Grant (2nd), and Kaeli Mabb (3rd).  The girls 400 free relays took 1st (Dayton, C. Walker, Patters, Harr) and 2nd (O’Brien, Nicholson, H. Merrill, Baca).

**The varsity time for the girls 100 breast has been adjusted.  Because of this change, Shaylin Grant has made the varsity team.  Congratulations Shaylin!**

For the dive team, Alex took 1st, Regen was 2nd and Brenna took 3rd.

For the boys, Josh did well and took 3rd, while Gunner did great for his first meet of the season.

Congratulations to Alex & Regen, both girls got their state qualifying scores at the Invite on Friday, the 21st.  Josh hit his personal best score at the Invite as well.