Multiple Teams · THE WAR CONTINUES


Desert Ridge lost a battle but the war continues. DR lost a battle but some of the plays were so beautiful to watch with great runs from #22 Allen breaking tackles and diving across the end zone.


And #11 Eastman darting through the Hamilton defense. And #3 Elliott leaping for the touchdown catch in the end zone.


And #5 Logan making plays on defense and offense. And #10 Wright catching a long pass and scoring the first touchdown.


But most of all, even in adversity the team came together and battled as a team.


The Hamilton offense was strong with a big Quarterback and two big receivers and a running back who is the fastest sprinter in the state. The DR team still battled.


With a little preparation, the team should do better next time.  This Saturday morning Coach had the team running, preparing, planning for the next battle.  The war continues and DR should be ready.

After the game the team sung the fight song and hugged their family and friends who came to support them.

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More photos from the game. Desert Ridge football is awesome!

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